Welcome to the website of Doug Dunning, one of Hollywood's last remaining old-school character actors. Doug is a veteran actor of some years in film and television. During the 1980s Doug was seen on the popular TV wrestling show GLOW, which stood for GORGEOUS LADIES OF WRESTLING, where he was cast as the quirky, Max-Headroom inspired commentator Sir Miles Headlock. From there, Doug has acted in dozens of motion pictures playing both large and small roles. He has appeared in everything from big-budget Hollywood fare like STAR TREK VI and Francis Ford Coppola's DRACULA all the way down to grade-Z exploitation like CAGED FURY (with Erik Estrada), the Fred Olen Ray-directed MOB BOSS (with Eddie Deezen) and even as an simian ship Captain in Michael Jackson's last ever screen appearance, MISS CASTAWAY. Recently, Doug has worked with low-budget genre filmakers like Greg Hatanaka (MAD COWGIRL) and experimental auteurs like Damon Packard (DOUG DUNNING-THE SITH LORD.) Its a vast array of projects that Doug has done over the years and there are few actors who can say they have lasted this long and done this much, albeit with very little reward.

Unbelievably versatile, Doug can play any kind of character role you could imagine. He's lent his rich, sonorous voice to many animated projects as well. His wide-ranging acting chops have seen him play everything from tough guy types, to English gentlemen, Klingons, robots, scoundrels, secret agents, prison guards, prospectors, mad doctors and even a simian ship captains! If that weren't enough, Doug is also a virtual walking encyclopedia of film. He seems to have memorized every shot in every Bond film, every Hammer Horror, westerns, gangster films, samurai films and seemingly everything in-between. His mind is a self-described sponge of production information; from knowing how the written material was conceived and adapted for the big screen, to the casting, the directing choices, on-set gossip, release and box office knowledge and critical response to even the most minor independent release. As an actor, Doug is fascinating, but as a film enthusiast and historian he is an information marvel. His insights on motion pictures are lucid, well-researched and entertaining. A veritable brain overflowing with cinematic details and strong opinions. Unfortunately, while Doug has worked a great deal, and become a bastion of cinematic knowledge, he has suffered some intense personal tragedies and traumas as well. Indeed, it has been a tough road for Doug and there has been tremendous disappointment and pain along the way.